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Principle 2 – Keep Moving

Living well is doesn't look like living comfortably in the usual sense. Living well isn't about making your pile and figuring out how to enjoy all the toys, goodies, pleasures and comfort it can buy. Living well is about quality relationships, contributing to the lives of the others around you and your character as a human being. These are where purpose, meaning and contented happiness are found. They create a life of few regrets, so a life welled lived is worth so much more than status and stuff. Doing it requires goals. You have to live intentionally. You have to live like your life is valuable.

You're going to have to work not only to just make money and keep the bills paid but to also work on yourself to become the person you want to be and to be one that you can admire. You don't become that person by accident. You have to pick a direction and sail toward it. There will be storms and rough water along the way. You'll have to avoid the rocks, reefs and shoals of life. You'll have to learn how to read the weather and a map and how to adjust your course. You'll also have to avoid spending too much time in port like a sailor on leave.

Practice and make a habit of moving forward in life. Know where you're headed. Know what tempts and distracts you. Enjoy your life, but make the tough choices and work on becoming someone and making something of the all too short years you have here. Remember, there's a whole lot worth doing and being.

Your happiness is waiting.