Hello! It's good to see you here. I'm Tom Crocker and Another Day Thinking is a project of mine. I'm interested in helping anyone who is interested in taking their life in a stronger, healthier and more mindful direction. There really is a mountain of great information about how to do this out there in books and on the web. The problem isn't finding it as much as it is in sorting through it and boiling it down to everyday principles and action. I want to help you do just that by bringing some of the most important pieces here and putting them together in a useful way.

What you'll find here is part road map and part travel guide for your journey. This is because developing your new life isn't something you can do with a few simple psychological, philosophical or even spiritual ideas. It's work. It's also an opportunity to change, get stronger and live a more focused and exciting life. So, join me here. You can contact me. I also provide professional coaching and counseling services. Please make sure you read the disclaimer.