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Principle 3 – Engage Life

Learn to engage with life and circumstances as they actually are. Don't let difficulty tempt you to blame, whine, stay stuck or remain overwhelmed. Even if you can't figure something all the way out, you can get started, and you can experiment with things that might work, so there's no need to keep putting things off.

It often feels like a lot of effort is going to be required to get anywhere, but that is rarely the case. Many times just getting moving with little things makes the rest look more approachable. Making any movement feels better than making none, unless you start talking yourself down and let a negative mindset come out to play. This is the time to keep principles 1 and 2 in mind. Remember, things do take time, so slow going can be expected at times. You really will be getting ahead by reminding yourself to keep moving instead of letting frustration or disappointment rule the day.

If you are feeling more stuck than you'd like, you can make a point of keeping your eyes and ears open for people who have experience and other resources or information that can help you. That again means you have to watch your mindset and attitude. Being around encouraging people can help you hang in there, too.

Be careful around people who will make excuses for you or encourage you to self-indulge or just quit. They really don't have your best interests in mind. If you can avoid them, do. If you can't, don't consider them your friends right now and please by all means don't waste your time arguing with them.

The important part to keep in mind when life is being difficult is that you're the one who still has to deal with whatever it is that's creating trouble or problems. Your position and circumstances are highly unlikely to change for the better on their own. Even if you feel like you're just barely inching your way forward on a good day, you're still moving further (and faster) than someone who's still on the couch or lying in bed.

Your happiness is waiting.