WARNING: The contents of this page are for use by the students of Higher Ground Church Court Ordered Classes. If you are not a registered student, the information and resources available here or through links on this page are not for you and may not be downloaded, copied, captured by any means or used for any purpose by you or anyone else who is not recognized by the program. Their use is limited to their intended instructional purpose by registered students only. All contents and materials here are copyright © 2020 Thomas C. Crocker, MS, LMFT or by others and any other use requires the explicit written permission of the respective copyright holder.

To access your class handouts go here. Please note the handouts must be downloaded to be viewed properly. You are expected read the handout and watch the videos before class. Active class participation is required.

The following is a reminder from your updated class attendance agreement and follows from the requirements of the Kern County Probation Department Memorandum to Batterer Intervention Program Providers dated July 20, 2020:

  1. Recording of the class or any portion is expressly prohibited.
  2. Clients will not allow other members of a household to hear, speak, or be seen in the video/audio interaction with the group. Generally, a participant should locate a quiet and private area to conduct the session. Violation of these rules may be grounds for a new violation of probation.