Email your self-report in an NEW email (not a reply) to

HGC Online Class Schedule

  • Men's: Sunday 1:00 pm, Tuesday 6:30 pm
  • Women's: Sunday 3:30 pm, Thursday 10:00 am

I will email links for class 1/2 hour before the scheduled time. Clicking on the link will start your app or the browser. Links are only valid for the class of the day. You can join early if you have questions or would simply like to chat. Please note that this will not be private. If you have anything to discuss that is more sensitive, please text me at 661-203-4438 and I will call as I have time after class.

You will be able to join classes if you have a smartphone, tablet or computer running Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS. It should also be possible on a Chromebook in the browser.

Below you'll also find some important rules to be aware of. Failing to follow these can have serious consequences like not getting credit for classes, getting dropped from the program or having your probation violated. Read them carefully.

HGC Class Rules and Regulations

All counseling programs are required to follow a set of rules. The summary below is not exhaustive. You can expect the everyday rules you'd expect at work or at school apply in class. If you're not sure about something, ask. If you think something isn't right, ask. A few of the keys rules in our program are as follows:

  • You will be required to attend class on time.
  • Disruptions made by being late are not fair to other members of the class and will not be tolerated.
  • Discussing things said by other students outside of class or with family, friends or any others is prohibited. Talking about what you learn and asking for help or cooperation in trying new things is important and necessary. Talking about your classmates or others is not. Respect each other’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Our classes are scheduled for two hours. You must attend the whole time.
  • Participating in the class is required. You cannot simply be a spectator. Answering questions and sharing relevant life experience is part of the program.
  • You are required to make a payment each week before each class. - If you are experiencing employment or financial problems, please talk to us. Not paying and not discussing your situation is not an option.
  • You can only attend 1 class a week. If you miss a class, you can make it up by coming a second time in a week. Making up a class is the only exception to the once a week attendance rule.
  • If you leave early without permission, your attendance won’t be counted.
  • You must turn in a Self-Report after every class. Your attendance won’t be counted without one.

The Kern County Probation Department wants you to be aware of the following rules in particular for any online classes you attend:

  • Recording the class or any portion of it is expressly prohibited. (This also applies to in person classes.)
  • You must not allow other members of your household to hear, speak or be seen during the audio or video interaction of the class/group. You should find and stay in a quiet and private area during the class.
  • Violation of these rules may be grounds for a new violation of probation.
  • Violating these rules is also grounds for being terminated from the program.
  • In addition to these rules, the common everyday rules you might expect at school or in business apply. (If you have any questions or think something is or might be wrong, please talk to us.)
  • If you have accessibility, vision, hearing or learning difficulties, please talk to us. We want you to feel comfortable throughout your class experience. We will work to make reasonable accommodations for you. If you have scheduling problems, please talk to us as well.

Other Important Things to Know

  • If you have missed classes due to our suspension, you can make them up. If you are new, you can only attend once a week.
  • You should try to connect to a class, by clicking on the link for that class, a few minutes early, so you have a little time to fix any problems you might have getting connected.
  • Once class has started, which I expect will be about 10 minutes after the scheduled time, I will stop admitting people from the waiting area.
  • At the beginning, once or twice during and at the end of class, I will be giving you a keyword that you need to write on your Self-Report. This will demonstrate you attended the whole time. Failure to include them will invalidate your attendance, so don't plan on getting connected and walking away.
  • Please download and read through your handout before class. Links for it will be in your invitation email. A mobile friendly web page version is also included as a link.
  • You can download and print a Self-Report form or simply write one on regular paper. Make sure you include your name and the class date. Write the keywords I give during class on the top.
  • Your Self-Report must be handwritten. You can turn it in by bringing it to the church office, mailing it to the church (912 New Stine Rd. 93309) or taking a good quality picture of it and emailing it to
  • Hang on to your copy. If I can't read the image you send, I may ask you to resend it.
  • In addition to the keywords, your Self-Report should consist of 5 or 6 sentences that tell me very briefly about you/your life and what you found interesting, useful or important in the class. I'm required to read your Self-Reports, sign off on them and assess to progress. If you don't tell me anything or simply copy a little of the handout, you're not making progress and anyone who supervises your case and reads your file may well be unhappy.
  • Your progress is always reported to your supervising authorities whenever we make a progress report, terminate you or report your successful completion.